Natural Skin Exfoliation Made Easy With Natural Facial Masks

All of us want to stay healthy - many go to the gym or work out at home, but fail to attach the same importance to their skin care. Skin is in fact our largest organ, and it eliminates toxins from the body continuously. It is composdd of millions of pores, hundreds of sebaceous glands and a huge number of sweat glands which do this very important job.

By natural skin exfoliation you can make sure that your skin stays healthy and enable your pores and glands to work on the optimum level. You can exfoliate your body easily just by dry brushing it with a special brush, or even a hard bath towel before you shower, but taking care of your facial skin is not that straightforward. That's because the skin on your face is very thin, and harsh rubbing might harm it, cause irritation and even premature aging.

The best and most sensitive way of naturally exfoliating your facial skin is by using a natural skin mask, more specifically a natural cleansing mask.

Ideally, a cleansing mask should be used every two weeks to remove toxins and harmful substances from your skin. Many people often think that they should be using a natural skin mask daily to really see a difference - that's wrong! All types of natural facial masks are very powerful and should not be used daily! Excessive use might lead to dry, even snake-like skin.

Some people also think it is enough to use a cleansing mask for a month and be done with it, but the real secret to a beautiful skin is to consistently take care of it.

To achieve the best natural skin exfoliation the natural facial mask you choose should contain a few specific ingredients like kaolin clay.

This is natural New Zealand clay which absorbs toxins, excess oils and grime from your skin. It naturally reduces infections and helps heal blemishes and reduce. By using a natural skin mask with kaolin regularly, the results you will see are likely to be impressive - you skin will be clearer and feel smoother.

Another extraordinary ingredient which is especially beneficial in cleansing masks is bentone gel. It is a substance is made from another type of special clay. Bentone gel works very well with kaolin, so when you're out there looking for a natural cleansing mask, make sure both you get one with both kaolin and bentone gel, because used together they can more than double the benefits to your skin.

Combined with natural oils these clays make the perfect natural facial mask which will exfoliate your skin gently and naturally.

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Lumi H. Jais believes in taking good care of herself by healthy habits like a balanced diet, quality supplements and using the best natural skin care products, as she is passionate about maintaining her youthful appearance and beautiful skin.

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