Healthy Living With Pressure Fryers

We have to admit it, frying our food is not healthy. Nonetheless, we want almost everything we eat, fried - from chicken, to eggs, potatoes, sea food, beef patties and even something ordinary as onions. But despite the fact that fried foods post several health risks and concerns like clogged arteries causing hypertension, heart attack and others, many still would crave for the flavor that such cooking method would give to the food in question. Are we to stop frying our food then due to all these hazards? Maybe we ought to do so, if we cannot find any other healthier means for cooking recipes that would taste as good as fried dishes. IF WE CANNOT find alternative means.

That's some good news. We don't have to stop craving for fried cuisines because fortunately, we do have something that can serve as an alternative to the riskier food frying process we do with most of our stocks and we call it pressure frying. In pressure frying, the food, usually some meat, and oil are cooked at high temperature and high pressure, so cooking would be done faster and easier. What is used for this is the cooking gadget known as the pressure fryer.

Those mentioned earlier are common knowledge. What most people do not know however is that pressure frying can actually be a healthy way to technically "fry or deep fry" everything that comes to mind. It's healthier because it does not use too much oil in the process. Even if the recipes would call for larger quantities of oil, in pressure frying, the usual amount of oil used should only be based on what is stated on the fryer's manual, and not on the recipes themselves. Why is oil not so important when pressure frying things? This is again due to the fact that the food inside the pan is cooked through its natural juices and through heat. On the other hand, in ordinary deep frying, the juices are not held intact but instead allowed to simply go to waste. What cooks the food then would be the oil and this results to greasy end products, making the food relatively riskier to eat.

Not only is pressure frying healthy, but it also gives out appetizing and succulent menus. Chicken for example when pressure fried would become crispier, brown coated and juicier while potatoes would taste like its baked in the inside but fried in the outside. These definitely tell us that these are tastier than those that are ordinarily fried.

Hopefully, after reading all these things, you've realized that you probably need to shift to healthy living now. Don't just fry meat, fish, vegetables and others, pressure fry them for healthier and tastier results. So shop for a good pressure fryer now, and you'll finally on your way to a healthy lifestyle.