Make Healthy Hair Your Default Hair

Hair is deemed an important element of an individual's visual appeal. It is determined before birth and natural in its state when we are born. It is even predetermined how many strands of hair we are born with. Each hair strand grows up to a certain length after which it stops eventually, falls out (sheds-bulbs intact) and then another takes its place. This is called new growth and no matter what else you have done to your hair in the past, it grows in unprocessed and usually undamaged. Now you have a chance to start all over and take care of this new hair along with the old properly.

Healthy hair can be an outsider's view of your internal health as well as how you seem to take care of yourself in general. Occasionally, due to the demands of our heretic lives, we may sometimes leave routine hair care up in the air. Here are a few hair care suggestions to attain manageable healthful hair.

A Well-balanced Diet
Hair, being an integral part of your person, is affected by the food that you eat. It is strongly recommended that an everyday diet needs to be balanced with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, protein and nutrients. There are ranges with appropriate/adequate daily amounts in regards to age, weight and gender. It is best to consult a nutritionist or your doctor first if you have any health concerns. Drinking water cleanses the body of devastating toxins which enable healthy new hair growth. It is said that doing a week long colon cleanse works in the same way. Again, it is advisable for you to consult your doctor before undertaking a radical program such as this.

Natural Hair Care
Gently brushing the hair regularly to stimulate the scalp helps keep it healthy and shiny. But also know that a gentle massage with the pads of the fingers working your way from the scalp to the end of the hair strand works just as well. Never brush wet hair using a plastic bristle brush; you're just begging to lose hair. Tangles should be gently worked out using a fine tooth comb, if not; you may break your hair along the shaft and start it on its way to breaking and thinning.

Mechanical Hair Combing vs. Finger Combing
Both can lead to hair breakage if done improperly but which is truly best? You do need to mechanical comb your hair to get rid of everyday shed hair and any tangles. You can get by from time to time finger combing, especially if you have just taken down a roller set and haven't slept on your curls or anything. Both ways are okay if you stay mindful of how you are pulling the comb or your fingers through your strands.

Hair Maintenance Products
There numerous types of inexpensive over the counter (or if your pockets are a bit heavier lined) high end salon label hair care products on the market now with new ones being added everyday. Whether or not you are a slave to one brand, remember to read those labels. Even a change on one ingredient in a shampoo that you've been using for years can wreak your locks. Also, read those instructions and mind any time limits provided carefully. You don't want to go to rinse something out of your hair only to find most of your crowning glory in the drain.

Healthy hair is at most resilient and at best beautiful. It should be treated like the 'spun silk' it is. Hair treated right will not only mirror your good health but it can be the envy of others. And who wouldn't want that?

Nina Hobson is currently a trichology student (the study of the hair and scalp) and has been personally studying hair for over 25 years.
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