Wholesale Beauty Products That Are Cost Effective

When talking about wholesale beauty products there are a few products that stand out above the crowd. These products all stand out for different reasons which will we go over in detail. The are all used for different thing and are very successful. So without further adieu here our are top 5 must have beauty products to wholesale.

Anti Aging Serum
A good face serum is very important. It will help your customers look and feel young right away. It also helps fight aging long term so the more they use it the better results they will get from it. It should help your skin produce collagen which will help it become more youthful and smoother. Peptides should also be in there to help smooth out deep wrinkles that have been there for a while. Make sure it contains aloe vera as well because you face will need super hydration to stay healthy enough to produce collagen. What Your Customers Will Think: Overall they love it, it fights wrinkles quickly and even works on wrinkles that have been there for a while. It makes your face look and feel younger in just a few weeks.

Body Firming Lotion
A moisturizing lotion that also helps firm the body? It is one great product that can be used to help firm and tighten the skin. This product helps you skin rebuild collagen to give you firmer younger looking and feeling skin. It works all over the body and can be used up to 3 times a day. It has a natural base and contains no harsh chemicals with ingredients like green tea and shea butter it is very moisturizing. Hydration is the first step to healthier looking firm skin.

Emu Shampoo & Conditioner
Full of important omega 3's it helps keep your scalp and optimal health. Emu oil helps penetrate the scalp carrying moisture deep into the scalp and hair. This the best moisturizing shampoo you will find anywhere it also can help with fungal infections, bacterial infections, scalp bumps, scalp inflammation and irritation.

Dandruff/Oily Hair/Clarifying Shampoo
Helps deep clean the scalp washing away product and environmental build up. Helps fight things like dandruff and psoriasis by controlling the amount of oils released in the scalp. Uses natural herbal extracts to help stimulate blood flow and help with growth in some cases. Using zinc it helps regulate the sebaceous glands to help balance out oils. If your customers have any of these issues the is the shampoo for them.

Hair Vitamins
Hair vitamins will do a lot for your hair like help it grow faster, become stronger and grow in where it was once thinning. It uses Vitamin B 3,6,9 & 12 to help fortify hair and strengthen it. You will see and extra quarter to half inch of growth a month. They are also full of many different amino acids that help bond proteins to the hair itself. If you get a lot of sun, chemical treatments. Use hair color, highlights or heat tools then you should take hair vitamins to replace what nutrients were lost. Your customer will start to notice results in 3 to 6 weeks.

These products single handedly stand above the rest and out perform them. There are tons of other great products out there but these are our favorites because of their versatility and performance. They seem to work well no matter what skin or hair type you have, that is the true definition of a great product.

These wholesale beauty products in our opinion stand above all others because of there effectiveness and cost. Your customers will love them.