Working in the Field of Public Health

Working as a public health officer is good career especially if you have a strong commitment in providing community with healthcare service. As a public health officer, you are working under the administration of the Public Health Service Agency, a part of the United States Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) that is concerned with public health. In brief, your works will include all assignments whose purposes are to preserve the general health of the community and to improve it. This career is considered a professional career. Therefore, people who want to pursue this career have to prove their professionalism by accomplishing enough experience in the field of public health and by earning a certain academic degree in public health, preferably MPH (Master of Public Health), which they can earn after accomplishing Masters in Public Health programs in any colleges and universities.

There are several course concentrations that you have to delve into when you take such program. Those course concentrations are related to the tasks that you have to accomplish as a public health officer. Among those course concentrations are immunization or the process of making the body resistant to a specific disease by administering harmless vaccine to it; rural and urban health management, which deals with preserving and improving the general health of rural and urban communities; disease tracking and epidemiology, a concentration dealing with recognizing the spreading diseases in a certain region and overcoming them; sanitation and pollution control; medical research; and public education campaign.

This program can be accomplished through either on-campus or online procedure. The on-campus procedure is intended to be done by students who have enough time to attend the class regularly whereas the online procedure is intended to be done by students with limited amount of available time to attend the class. Based on your condition, you can choose which of those two procedures is the most suitable for you.