Homemade Recipes for Beauty: Coffee

How can you use coffee in homemade recipes for beauty? Most people know that coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. The rich caffeine content is a main reason coffee is so popular. But how can it enhance your natural beauty?

What can coffee do for you?

    * Makes you skin smoother Makes you hair shinier
    * Contains potent natural oils, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients
    * Help reduce body weight
    * Triggers growth factors in your brain that stimulates muscle growth
    * Much more!

Go for the best beans

Most commercial coffee beans are heavily contaminated with pesticides and fertilizers. High quality, organic coffee beans are the best choice as they contain larger amounts of health promoting substances but little or no harmful chemicals.

Organic coffee beans contain powerful antioxidants that protects the skin cells against premature aging and makes your skin resistant to bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Coffee is diuretic

Drinking too much coffee or tea can dry out your body and skin resulting in poor complexion. A common beauty advice is to drink enough water every day to prevent your skin to dry out. You don't want to counteract this advice by consuming too much caffeine.

If you drink enough water the oily substance (sebum) in your skin will keep your skin moist, thus preventing dry skin, wrinkles and other skin problems. Skin cells badly need the water you drink. Eating more vegetables is wise as they contain large amounts of water and minerals.

If you for some reason need to reduce the amount of liquid in your body, coffee and tea will work well. Green tea with chamomile can give an even faster result.

Healthy oils in coffee grounds

Coffee beans are roasted in a complex process where the moist is removed and aromatic oils are created. The typical smell of coffee is from the caffeol oil. Research indicates that especially dark roasted beans are highly beneficial.

The oils in dark roasted coffee beans are valuable for your skin. They mildly cleanse and moisturize the skin resulting in softer and supple skin.

Beautiful hair with coffee

If you want to soften and add more shine to your hair, then this is one of the most interesting homemade recipes for beauty. It's mainly the complex oils in the coffee that creates the effect, but it's possible that amino acids also play an important role.

    * Prepare a really strong coffee and let it cool off
    * Pour the coffee over your hair and leave it for 20 minutes
    * Options: Wash or rinse your hair before or after using the coffee rinse

You can also try preparing a strong chamomile tea and use it for your hair. It also makes your hair shinier.

Caffeine to treat hair loss for men?

Research shows that caffeine stimulates weak hair roots. It's possible that hair roots are sensitive to the male hormone testosterone. The caffeine could work to protect your hair against this. The result of this research was the creation of a shampoo containing high levels of caffeine (Alpecin After Shampoo Liquid).

Healthy soaps with caffeine

You can buy soaps made from natural ingredients including caffeine or you can try making soap at home. Homemade recipes for soaps are wonderful and better for your skin than commercial soaps containing harmful chemicals and dries out your skin.

Coffee scrub recipes

Scrub recipes containing coffee is very potent. This homemade recipe for a coffee scrub will cleanse and contract your skin. The lemon juice enhances the peeling effect.

    * A little fine-ground coffee
    * One tablespoon olive oil
    * Hot water

Mix all ingredients and pour how water on it. Leave it for a few hours and pour out the water. Use the grounds to gently scrub your skin. You can also leave it on sensitive areas for a few minutes. Rinse with water and moisturize your skin.


Many commercial and homemade recipes for beauty contain coffee or just caffeine. Caffeine makes small blood vessels contract and therefore makes cellulite less visible, at least temporary.

Recipe for a peeling mask

This is a nice facial peeling mask.

    * Mix cup of ground coffee with one egg white
    * Gently massage it into your face and let it dry
    * Rinse after 20 minutes

Get the most out of your coffee

Using coffee in your homemade recipes for beauty is simple and very beneficial if you do it right. Some advice to achieve therapeutic value:

    * Drink dark roasted, black coffee without sugar
    * Organic (USDA) pesticide-free beans are healthiest
    * Buy whole beans and grind them yourself if possible
    * void consuming the isolate caffeine as it's stripped of nutrients
    * Up to 6 cups a day will benefit your health according to some research

Ken Silvers is an author on health and skin care. For 20 years he has successfully used natural products for his own skin problems. He has become convinced that a natural and organic approach to skin care is superior to most commercial and synthetic products. For more great information on homemade recipes for beauty. http://www.skincarerecipecenter.com/